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156 100x100 Lenora Crichlow Icons 


Low and behold, below you shall find 156 100x100 sized icons of Lenora Crichlow from the BBC3 series Being Human (4x08)

These icons are made by me so apologies for the quality and stuff. I don’t require you to like if you’re using them, but it would be nice


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Get To Know Me Meme: [5/5] Favourite Characters » Annie Sawyer.

My name is Annie Clare Sawyer. And two years ago I died. But in so many ways that’s when my life began. In the company of horrors, I learned about friendship and loyalty, sacrifice and courage. Humanity isn’t a species. It’s a state of mind. It can’t be defeated. It moves mountains, it saves souls. We were blessed as much as we were cursed. In this little enclave of the lost, I witnessed the very best of being human. We were safe here. While outside, the monsters prowled.

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Being Human Pencils by PopCultPencils


Being Human Pencils by PopCultPencils

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"Have you told her what you did?"

"No, she doesn’t need to know that."

"Sykes? What does she mean?"

"Of all the men who died because of your mistake, your cowardice?"

"Oh God! I’m sorry. I’m sorry" "I failed you. If I could go back…"

Sykes! Sykes, focus!”

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Dead and Loving It by tyrannosaurus-lex


Dead and Loving It by tyrannosaurus-lex

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You see, we’ve lost everything that was harmless and mundane. When I sat down to write this, I realised I’d forgotten how to hold a pen. It’s so long since I did something so ordinary.

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